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Start by completing the estimate request form below. If you would like to speak directly with the Booking Coordinator, call Iris Tovar, 972-252-7558, ext. 1262.

Your Event is Unique

We customize each rental based on your event requirements. Please include production details when making a request so we may provide an accurate estimate. Labor costs for every event will be estimated at our required facility minimums.

The Fine Print

The Arts Center is a department of the City of Irving and all rental clients must comply with the rental policies and use procedures.

Rate Card & Additional Fees

Theatre rental fees include base security and custodial services, ticket set-up and sales through the IAC Box Office, access to lobby tables, chairs, stands, etc. as designated for the theatre and as available.

Theatre Equipment charges for basic sound and lighting equipment, fog machines, follow-spots, risers, platforms, and orchestra percussion are $100 for the first day and $50 for each day thereafter.

Projectors may be rented for $250 per day. Piano tuning is provided on request at $115 per service.

Theatre technicians ($19.50 each per hour) are required anytime a client has requested any A/V equipment. Including but not limited to:

  • Microphones/podiums
  • Projectors
  • Pre-recorded music
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Platforms
  • Orchestra Shell
  • Fly System

Additional Security ($30 each per hour) may be required based on the size and scope of the event with need determined by the IAC event staff. Considerations for additional security are:

  • Expected crowd size
  • Type of event
  • History of similar events
  • Hours of event (those outside normal operating hours require additional security)

Front-of-House staff ($15.50 each per hour) requirements vary based on venue and event type, but are required for all theatre, reception or large seated events and when food/beverage service is involved.

  • Carpenter Hall – 2 required
  • Dupree theatre – 1 required
  • Suite 200 events and meetings with food service – 1 required

Clients are required to provide their own greeters/ushers/ticket takers as determined by venue and event type. Greeters/ushers can be hired for smaller events on request for an additional fee.

Pianos are available for rental based on a first come, first served basis for $150 for the 1st tuning and one day use and $115 each subsequent tunings/days used.

  • 9’ Steinway
  • 7’ Baldwin
  • 5’ Steinway
  • Two Uprights

Commercial Rate Sheet
 Non-profit Rate Sheet

A copy of the IRS designation letter is required to receive non-profit rental rates at the time of deposit.

Thank you for your interest in Irving Arts Center! We will review your responses and will contact with you with more information.

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