Grant Review Panelists

If you have an opinion and enjoy the arts…
Consider service as a grant application reviewer for the Arts Center’s Resident Art Organization funding program. Each year the Irving Arts Board appoints new members to serve as Advisory Panelists. Those wishing to be considered may be nominated by others or may apply directly. Applications  are available now and are due by August 1, 2017, with appointments made by the Arts Board in late August.


Irving residents who have knowledge of the visual and/or performing arts as practicing artists, experience through other participation in the arts, or attend a variety of arts events as a consumer are eligible to apply. Panelists volunteer their time as a service to the Irving Arts Center and the Irving arts community and are appointed for a two-year term. Panelists are expected to attend events of funded organizations during their terms (tickets provided by the Arts Center). There is a required orientation/training session prior to beginning service and an evaluation meeting in early May each year.

How it works

Panelists do not make funding decisions. They attend funded activities throughout the year, review the grant applications, listen to presentations from the applicants annually in May and evaluate them based on established criteria. Panelists that have a conflict with an organization requesting funding must refrain from discussion and voting on affected applications. The panel evaluations provide guidance to the Arts Board in making their funding decisions.

Who Serves?

Every effort is made to appoint panelists that reflect the diversity of Irving and include balanced representation of those with expertise, experience and knowledge of theatre, music, dance and the visual arts. Panelists must be residents of Irving.

For more information, please contact Kass Prince, (972) 252-7558, ext. 1242 or email:

Momentum Dance Company's annual Nutcracker presentation

Momentum Dance Company’s annual
Nutcracker presentation

Grant Panel Applications

Applications are available now and are due by August 1, 2017. Appointments are made by the Arts Board in late August.

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